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Go From Course Concept to Quality Published Course

In Just Days (Not Weeks), Even If You Suck At Tech!

If you've been thinking about building a course for years, but keep getting stuck, now is the time to publish that course. I'll show you how to build your course in just days.


Most of my students publish their course in 4 to 10 days. 


The truth is, every day you wait to publish your course is another day your business is under-performing. Knowing this, why would you spend months creating a course when it can be done in days?


If you’ve always wanted to build an online course, but don’t know where to start or have gotten overwhelmed in the past, then this is the program for you.


Eliminate all the guess work


Inside this program, I walk you through every step of the course-creation process. Just follow along and by the end of the program, you'll have your course published.



Here's why this program works, time and time again!


It’s important for me to see you succeed. You are not flying solo on your course creation journey.


Truthfully, I’ve bought expensive courses for thousands of dollars and hired expensive consultants for thousands more, but I didn’t get the answers I needed. I just got theory.


You need the WHAT and the HOW


Those experiences and countless late nights being frustrated with technologies are why I built this program. Now, I can show you how to create and publish your course faster than if you did it on your own. 


So many "gurus" will tell you how to make "millions" with online courses, but forget to teach you how to create a QUALITY course that will impact your students' lives!


Selling your course before you build it, is a great strategy IF YOU ARE A SEASONED PRO.


If you're just starting, selling a course before it's created WILL lead to disaster! 


Seasoned pros will tell you to sell your course without having it built, but then you're left scrambling to serve eager students. (WARNING: I've heard some really bad stories with this tactic. People charge big money then slap together a program that is sub-par or fail to publish on time. Yikes.)


If you were taught that way - don't worry. The "Build and Publish Your Online Course in Days" program will show you exactly what to do. 



This program is like a game of inception. I filmed myself building a course, so you can follow along each step to build your own course!



When I decided to build this program (and launched with enrolled students a WEEK later!) I said that I would pull back the curtain on everything it takes for someone to build their own course!


  • No smoke and mirrors
  • No strategic up-sells to get the ‘real’ answers
  • No rainbows, unicorns and magic fairy dust (well, maybe a little magic)


All you have to do is start at the first lesson, do the task and then go to the next lesson. Easy Peasy. In no time, you will have your course built and ready to sell!


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What’s Inside the Program:


The secret framework to avoid getting overwhelmed


✅ Expert advice on how choose the right amount of content for maximum impact


✅ Tech tutorials on how to shoot video, basic editing and production


✅ Tech recommendations for hosting your programs 


✅ Encouragement, laughs and honest answers to what it takes to build your course

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Love this program!!


I was able to effectively get a full course up in 3 focused days following Allison's program. My last course took me two years to build. I love this program and for those of you looking to make your footprint online, it's a must!

Colleen Lindberg



I wouldn't have built my first course without you!


Allison is a fantastic instructor and coach! Her course was easy to follow and personable. She gives you the technical know how and the encouragement to build your own course. Her guided instructions have also helped me to get better with tech!

Dipal Dimani


Well Worth Your Time and Money!


I didn't even sign up for building an online course. I wanted to see the creative process to streamline building my videos. The course is packed with way more than I knew. Leveraging Allison's information and experience is more than enough time saved for me to  pay for the course over and over.


Best course I've taken in a very long time.


Craig Tilford


Easy Peasy


Allison has a very easy way to instruct and inspire! I'm so excited to get my online course finished, after a long time of sitting on the goal. Thank you Allison!

Marilyn Sherman


 I wouldn't have built my online course without Allison!


This course was very well thought out and organized. I had never done a video before taking this course and I was so new to a lot of the technology. But Allison brought me out of my comfort zone. I did videos on my own to complete the course and the big shock was that I finished the course in a week. I would not have done it with anyone else but Allison. I am now building a second course on my own.Thank you, Allison!


Angela Brown



Get it done and with a ton of support! 5 stars!


I highly recommend Allison's course to anyone who has had building a course on their list- or who has a great idea for a course, but aren't sure how to make it work. Allison is incredibly good at explaining each element and making it manageable and even providing amazing support each coaching call if you were hung up on something.


Melissa Tossell



Great Kick In The Butt to FINALLY Build My Online Course!


Great program. Just the kick in the butt most of us (including me) need!


Thanks Allison!


Michel Neray




Excellent Course!


Jump at this opportunity to take Allison's course. Allison is so warm and genuine and giving with her knowledge.


I was eager to learn how to create an online course. Allison has made the process of learning, doing and executing very easy.


Deb Crowe


Allison Is Absolutely Amazing!


Allison has a great talent to break things down to manageable pieces that are easy to comprehend and do. If that was not enough her glowing personality and friendly smile just draw you in making you feel so comfortable at what ever level you operate.


Foti Hatzidemetriou



The BEST course for building a remarkable course!


I can’t find the right words… Allison is a smart woman with a super-fast brain and delightful personality. Her course is “Simply the Best”! Just like the song:… “Better than All the Rest”! And no… she didn’t pay me to say this. I have sat through hours and hours of mediocre courses that constantly promise to give you what you need and rarely do… or only after you spend thousands of dollars. Allison Graham gives you SO much more than you paid for. Thank you, Allison!


Sandrine Gressard





I could have NEVER navigated the technology, the overarching thought process and the scope of this project without Allison’s guidance and course! It only took me three weeks... the course is published and ready to go! HOORAY!


Amy Kemp



Refreshing, useful and inspiring.


Very effective in helping to quickly move through that point at which you feel like there is so much to learn and it’ll take you a long time. Well, there are a lot of details to learn, but when you get focused and put the hours in within a condensed period you move much faster into a more comfort state.

Baldo Minaudo



Fulfilled a 14-year dream and overcame massive fears, with ZERO experience!


This course is FAR MORE than I could have hoped for!! I floored myself with what I was able to create in 7 days!! Allison, you are a Master at removing all internal obstacles that were getting in my own way while providing every tool, resource, and know-how, I’d need to ensure I would get to ‘success’ in publishing a course that I was proud of.


Christine Beverley

Thank You Allison!


Allison,Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to gather my knowledge and produce a course, for holding me capable and accountable to complete it in one week, and for reminding me what I have to offer the world! I am immeasurably grateful to you for your selfless heart, your wise counsel, your authenticity, humour, vulnerability and compassion. 


There are not enough words to say how I feel!


Maura Lustig




Don't think twice! This course is incredible.


This course is an unbelievable value! Packed with information and easy to follow directions. Don’t think twice about purchasing. Act now!


Clifford D'Angelo

$1997 $297USD

100% Secure Checkout. 7 Day money back guarantee.